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In 2022 the Executive Committe of the Société Rencesvals, American-Canadian Branch created a program to support the participation of scholars in our events, especially those who may not benefit from more standard forms of academic funding. Anyone (outside the Executive Council) may apply for these funds, but special preference will be given to those meeting the criteria below.  Please fill out the following form to help us award these grants 

This grant is intended to only cover the expenses of registration for a conference (travel, lodging and other expenses will not be covered). 

Grant Request Form

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What is the title of your paper?    

Which of these categories best describe your situation?

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Independent Scholar

Please provide additional information that will help us to assess your need for funding 
Please click on the button to the right to submit your request
You may contact Peter Mahoney directly if you have any questions concerning this process.

Peter Mahoney
Foreign Languages
Stonehill College
320 Washington St.
N.Easton, MA 02357-3192



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Updated 2 May 2023