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  President Vice-President

Ana Grinberg (2024)
Auburn University

  Secretary-Treasurer Bibliographers

Norval Bard
North Central College

Norval Bard (Bibliography Coordinator)
Ronald Costa
Julio Hernando
Leslie Zarker Morgan
Klayton Tietjen

  Advisory Board Web Manager
Albrecht Classen (Arizona University) (2024)
Gabriele Giannini (Université de Montréal) (2024)
Julio F. Hernando (Indiana University South Bend)
Catherine Jones (University of Georgia)
Leslie Zarker Morgan (Loyola University-- Maryland)
Simone Pinet (Cornell University) (2024)

Norval Bard
North Central College


If you have any comments or questions concerning these pages, please contact Norval Bard, the Web manager for the Société Rencesvals, American-Canadian Branch.
Updated 20 May 2024